Gas Gang Pens 2.0 (New Stock*)

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3 reviews for Gas Gang Pens 2.0 (New Stock*)

  1. Joel Lehtinen (verified owner)

    Love these pens, They usually last a week if your always on the go but if your a heavy smoker than prob 3 days.. AAA++

  2. majixx

    I’m in love with these penz… tbh I was not a fan of the penz i could never get all of the product …. it would die and have no way of getting the rest so i thought it would be a waste..until I tried these. You can actually smoke all the product.. it has a charge port on the bottom of them.. I was so happy.. not to mention the taste is incredible . Smooth and rich makes my taste buds tingle .. highly recommend!!

  3. kai

    These pens actually hit so hard, Lately joints and pens haven’t been getting me high but for some reason these have been hitting the spot. Not to mention they taste awesome

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